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MPC RAISED $23,365

In February 2023, the Metrolina Phoenician Club felt the ramifications of the earthquake within Syria and Turkey. Under the MPC, we created a campaign to fundraise for specific charities that will be helping the victims of the earthquake.


Syrian Forum USA (SFUSA): SFUSA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Syrians rebuild their lives and communities through sustainable life-changing programs and services. Following the earthquake, SFUSA have responded to over 61,000 affected Syrians, supported 150 temporary shelters, and delivered essential lifesaving aids so far.


Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS): SAMS Foundation is also a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit global medical relief organization that is working on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria, neighboring countries, and beyond to save lives and alleviate suffering. In northwest Syria, SAMS’ medical teams are working around the clock to treat those wounded and save as many lives as possible. SAMS healthcare workers have provided emergency care for more than 3,000 earthquake victims, including those with severe fractures, head trauma, and damage to internal organs, as well as minor injuries so far.

Thank you to all donors who helped the MPC donate $23,365 to those honorable charities.

Dr. Ghassan and Rana Alkoutami

Dr. Elias and Rita Arbid

Joseph Arbid

Michelle Arbid

Tony and Lak Bikhazi

Dr. Sawsan and Samer Joudeh Bitar

Lauren Bou-Ghazale

Greg and Houda Bracewell

Dr. Riad Cachecho

Hadia Ghandour

Ahmad and Rolana Sbano Ghannam

Bruce and Mariette Andraos Goldstein

Dr. Ziad and Murielle Hage

Christiane Hallak

Jeffrey Howard

Michael and Susan Johnson

Patrick and Natalie Jowdy

Emile and Azad Khuri

Johnny Mawardi

Rudolph and Lina Mazigi

Clifford McGinnis

Chris McManus

Dr. Wissam and Widad Nadra

Elham Rabiei

Edward Rand

Anthony Richa

Nic and Abeer Saad

Michael and Maureen Sabbagh

Charles and Mary Saleh

Dr. Saket Singh

Matthew and Lauren Solomon

T. J. , Diane, Shari & Jodi Solomon

Theodore Solomon

Malak Ternanni

Ghada Ternanni

David Zeitouni

With Gratitude,

The Metrolina Phoenician Club

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