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MPC RAISED $36,100

In the early 19th Century English author Albert Pine said, “What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains unchanged and is immortal.”


How poignant these words are in the early 21st Century when our MPC members, friends and family, came together and contributed to our monetary drive to assist Lebanese families that were affected by the Beirut Port explosion on August 4, 2020.


Through everyone’s generous donations we were able to raise $36,100.86.  After spending a $75.00 wire charge fee to arrange for the monies to be sent to each of our chosen NGOs: namely Beit el Baraka and DAFA, we were able to donate $17,975.43 to each of them.  The monies from Beit el Baraka were directed to families in need for day to day living expenses, while the monies to DAFA were directed to the Masharii Corporation, an engineering firm, that will be providing housing for people that have lost their homes.


“Thank you” doesn’t begin to describe the gratitude to each and every person that  donated towards this noble cause.  Our MPC Board are so proud of our Charlotte community that came together and spread the word to involve many people that included themselves, and their friends and family nationally and internationally.  We truly have an amazing community in you all!

Albert and Irene Kalweit

Alexandra Naranjo

Alice Scibelli

Amir and Rozie Salman

Annie Tanmizi

Anthony Richa

Antoinette and Dominic Faccone

Barry and Mary-Ellen Jones

Bruce and Mariette Goldstein

Carmen Hilton

Catherine Zenie

Charlene Caravaca

Charles and Mary Saleh

Christy Daou

Crystal Isaac

Diana Ternanni

Donna Conklin


Dr. Emile and Azad Khuri

Dr. Nadeem and Karen Khuri

Edward Abdelsayed

Edward and Ingrid Rand

Elias and Rita Arbid

Elie Richa

Elie Zakhem

Elsie Harris

Emily Brackett

Erik and Eva Stokkebye

Future Auto INC

George Yazbeck

George and Aline Karam

Ghada Ternanni

Greg and Houda Bracewell

Hagop and Noelle Sarkissian

Hana Barakat

Hanna Hanna

Howard and Nadine Dixon

Ivy Le

Jack and Marie-Jo Krajekian

James and Diane Reynolds

James and Marion Beahan

Jamil Alaily

Jeff Howard

Jin Wang

Joan and Richard Morgan

Jodi and Gabrielle Gorman

Joe and Kelly Brais

Johnny Mawardi

Joseph Elmoukachar

Joseph Yazbeck

Jussara Ferro

Kal and Marie-Claire Kardous

Karen Larraga

Kitty Bang Law

Klaus and Margarita Loeffler

Kyung Cha Chetty

Laura McIntosh-Wright

Laura Minerd

Leslie Minerd

Lisa Whitney

Malak Ternanni

Mark and Brenda Lohsen

Mary Jo Germain

Matt Durney

Mechthild Bowers

Michael and Beatrice Chambers

Michael and Elizabeth Sabbagh

Michael and Maureen Sabbagh

Milad and Lamia Hanna

Mona Radiloff

Moubarak Family

Nadeen Dahir

Nadra Family/Lakeshore Pediatric Center, PA

Nick and Abir Saad

Patricia Akinyemi

Patrick Raad

Pierre and Lucy Arbajian

Raffi and Talin Chamoun

Ray and Natalie Malek

Richard and Doris Meeks

Rimal Ternanni

Rolana Sbano

Rudolph and Lina Mazigi

Rula Kibler

Russell Sage and Martha Davis

Saad and Roula Saad

Samer Nadra

Sami and Abir Nafisi

Sandy Ghannam

Sarah Ghannam

Stefanie Staton

Stephanie Karam

Stuart and Teresa Singer

TJ Solomon/Gaston Community Foundation

Terri Bennett

Terry Thirion

The Metrolina Phoenician Club

Therapy Hair Salon and Spa

Tony and Lak Bikhazi

Ursula Lancaster

Victor Dick and Sahar Salloum

Wadih and Guitta Zakhem

Walter Green and Mary Jo Kellgren

Wasfi Barakat

William and Barbara Branch

Yoslin Barakat

Yvonne Mack


We leave you with these words from the Lebanese American Poet Kahlil Gibran:

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in the world.”


Respectfully yours,

Wissam E Nadra, MD

MPC Board President

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