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MPC RAISED $59,400

In July 2021, the Metrolina Phoenician Club set out to fundraise on behalf of the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon to ensure the cost of out of stock cancer medication in critical need can be imported from abroad.

Each vial costs $2,239. Right now, 530 vials are needed to provide the 11 hospitals in Lebanon who rely on the Children's Cancer Center to provide this medication to treat children with leukemia.

The cure rate for leukemia is 92%. It is unacceptable to lower this survivorship percentage because a medication was not available in a patient's country. It is unacceptable because this percentage is not just a number; this percentage is children with names, parents, siblings, and friends at school. It is unacceptable because your su
pport for the medications was there and was strong.

Through everyone’s generous donations we were able to raise $59,400 - $49,400 going to the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon and $10,000 going to Beit el Baraka on behalf of an MPC Member.


“Thank you” doesn’t begin to describe the gratitude to each and every person that  donated towards this noble cause.  Our MPC Board are so proud of our Charlotte community that came together and spread the word to involve many people that included themselves, and their friends and family nationally and internationally.  We truly have an amazing community in you all!



Bill & Paulette Ashlin

Tony & Lak Bikhazi

Jeffrey Howard

Jerald Hubbard

Ziad Korban

Bill & Sheila Laffoday

Dr. Wissam & Widad Nadra

Michael & Maureen Sabbagh

Lisa Whitney Sabbagh

Charles & Mary Saleh

Malak Ternanni

Diana Ternanni

With Gratitude,

The Metrolina Phoenician Club

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