Where the Charlotte Lebanese community and their friends celebrate their common heritage and culture through regular meetings, activities, and humanitarian relief to aid the children of Lebanon.


The Metrolina Phoenician Club mission is twofold. It is a social club that allows us to promote our heritage and to get to know others that share similar interests.


To unite the Lebanese and Syrian communities that live in Charlotte area with a common background with engaging social and philanthropic actives – something for everyone!


The MPC family is ever growing.  We currently have 80 families registered with the MPC – bringing our community to several hundred people.  Our events are filled with diverse ages and backgrounds.  

Read the Metrolina Phoenician Club Constitution & Bylaws


The Metrolina Phoenician Club, founded in 1986, has been active since that year as a social organization dedicated to the service of our community and shared enjoyment of the Lebanese heritage.

The "Marhaba" club newsletter, published from 1986 to 1993, is a great way to follow the historical development and growth of The Metrolina Phoenician Club. Long time club members will reminisce about past years' events and newer club members will get a better idea of the people and events that have shaped our current club.

As to the real history of the Phoenicians, where they came from , who they are and their accomplishments, the following article adapted by Tony G. Bikhazi from "Lebanon in History" by Philip K. Hitti will make all Lebanese proud of their ancestors and heritage: The Phoenicians First Major Community in Lebanon.

The Southern Federation of

Syrian Lebanese American Clubs

The Metrolina Phoenician Club also belongs to the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American, a network of Syrian and Lebanese people across the Southern United States from Florida to California who share our values and heritage. Each club meets for gatherings and participates in the yearly Summer and Mid-Winter conventions to celebrate our heritage.