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Dear MPC Members,

The Metrolina Phoenician Club is setting out to fundraise on behalf of the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon to insure the cost of an out of stock medication in critical need to be imported from abroad.

Each vial costs $2,239. Right now, 530 vials are needed to provide 11 hospitals in critical need in Lebanon who rely on the Children's Cancer Center to provide this medication to treat children with leukemia.

The cure rate for leukemia is 92%. It is unacceptable to lower this survivorship percentage because a medication was not available in a patient's country. It is unacceptable because this percentage is not just a number; this percentage is children with names, parents, siblings, and friends at school. It is unacceptable because your support for the medications is here and it is strong.

All donations made through the link below are tax deductible and letters will be provided to each donor at the end of the campaign.

For those individuals who have accounts in Lebanon, donations can be made directly to CCCL, with bank details located here, we just ask that you inform us so we can keep record of our impact.

BANK: Audi Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3208480001
IBAN: LB67005600000000003208480001
Branch: Sofil- Achrafiye

Below are some additional facts and figures of the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon:

  • The Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon is a regional center pioneering in the treatment of children with cancer affiliated with St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and works in close coordination with the American University of Beirut Medical Center

  • Children at CCCL are treated free of charge, with no cost at all on their parents. Therefore, CCCL relies purely on donations, with a yearly budget of $15 million.

  • The treatment usually lasts for 3 years, costing an average of $55,000 a year for each patient, where costs can range from $40,000 up to $200,000 in certain cases.

  • Cure rate for their patients at CCCL is an amazing 80%, which means that our mission is one of hope and a healthy future for the children of Lebanon.

Help of reach our goal; the child cancer patients of Lebanon are in dire need.
The Metrolina Phoenician Club Board

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